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Draping and Sewing I

This is our most popular class- it is Part One of a 2 Part series. In this course, students will only be engineering drapes in the muslin fabric- their design will be translated and sewn up in real fabric in the Patterns and Sewing II class. 

Design, Illustrations, Mood Boards

What every designer does first is to create a Core Concept of their ideas. In this course, students will learn how to draw fashion illustrations and technical sketches that are needed to show the garment constructively sound and can be translated into a 3D garment. 


Patterns and Sewing II

Students will take their draped muslin pieces from prerequisite Draping and Sewing I class and produce a pattern to fit. Patterns will be made using pattern paper, rulers, and basic math/measurements for a final finished garment in real fabric.


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Develop Your Passion

We offer Design, Illustration, Draping, Patternmaking & Sewing classes, and so much more! Construct your original idea, learn how to execute your design, and your final product is your own unique personal statement. We cultivate individuality, creativity, and self-expression. 


Practical Skills

Learning fashion design
also cultivates practical technical skills
along with creative expression